5 Digital Marketing Skills That Will Wow Your Clients (2022)

  • Install WordPress on VPS
  • Generate SEO report for any website
  • Create animated stories for Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp
  • Do the topic and keyword research

5 Must-Have Digital Marketing Skills (2022)

One more thing before we get started; you can learn these skills within just 5 minutes. Watch this video or go through the article for detailed steps.

Remove Background from Image

Removing the background from an image is a very common requirement of digital artists and marketers alike. There are tons of reasons for you or your clients to remove background from the photos. Some of them include:

  • Use on websites such as eBay
  • Change the theme of your subject
  • Avoid unnecessary objects
  • Boost the visual impact of your subject
  • Repurpose your photos for other use

How to Remove Background From Images With Photoshop

Removing background from an image with Photoshop is easy. All you need is to open your image in Photoshop and choose “Object Selection Tool” from the left bar.

How to Remove Background From Images Using Canva

Removing background from images using Canva is easier than doing it anywhere else. All you need is to follow three little steps.

Digital Marketing Skills: Install WordPress on VPS

If you are a digital marketer like me, you must learn to install WordPress on your hosting account. Doing it on cPanel with a WordPress installer is easy. But setting up WordPress on VPS may be challenging for some marketers.

Generate SEO Report for Any Website

Even in the digital era, a lot of small companies do not know how to create their SEO reports. Or they just don’t want to create them by themselves. Can you imagine how much money you can make by helping them as a digital marketer?

  • XML Sitemap, WWW Resolve, Robot.txt file, and more.
  • WhoIS Data
  • Index Pages
  • Backlinks and Interlinks
  • URL, Favicon, Custom 404 Pages, and more.
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Domain and Typo Availability
  • Mobile Usability
  • Tech with which the site was developed (WordPress, for example)
  • Visitors worth, and rank, and geolocation

Create Instagram Animated Stories

Canva is an extremely powerful tool to create everything related to imagery. You can create featured images for your blog posts, design social media posts, and more. Creating Instagram stories that are animated to grab attention is also easy.

Do the Topic & Content Research

Doing the topic and keyword research is one of the most rewarding digital marketing skills. H-Supertools is a collection of free digital marketing tools. Four of them can help you do the topic and keyword research.

  • Questions Explorer
  • YouTube Keyword Tool
  • Topic Explorer

Keyword Research Tool

It’s a free tool that helps you find the keywords related to the seed keyword given by you. For example, if you want to get keywords related to ‘email marketing,’ you enter the phrase into the tool. And click on ‘Search’ to get all the relevant words like:



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