Sponsored Post and Shoutout: How to Make $3500 Per Post

Get Paid to Create Content Using Sponsored Post & Shoutout

Earlier I created a video on YouTube talking about all the strategies I’ll discuss in this post. Let’s watch the video first and dive into the details later.

Now, you’ll learn the basics first and then move on to getting traction and making money.

What is a Sponsored Post and Shoutout on Social Media

A sponsored post refers to any paid post on social media, blog, or website. You share it with your audience when a person or brand pays you money or rewards you in some other way.

A shoutout is like a social media post or story where you mention someone else’s account. For example, if you work with me, you’ll spread the word about me, mentioning my IG handle, @hasanaboulhasan.

A shoutout is especially popular on Instagram. But brands make use of them on YouTube and other platforms as well. It’s like an ad for another social media profile. And it usually has a CTA (Call to Action) at the end.

Brands that offer shoutouts pay Instagrammers and other social media influencers to share a message on their Instagram profiles. However, there may be a product mentioned in the post as well.

Shoutouts and sponsored posts are similar. However, the latter is a traditional marketing strategy.

The more followers you have on a platform, the more money you can make. But don’t worry, you can start making money with sponsored posts and shoutouts with a few followers as well. All you need is the trust of your audience.

Let me reveal a few ways to increase followers on Instagram, YouTube, and more.

How to Get Followers on Instagram, YouTube, And Other Platforms

Before creating this post, I have already talked about

  • How to grow your YouTube channel
  • The easiest way to make money with Instagram

Here are some tips that you can use to increase followers and engagements on social platforms like Instagram.

Pick Your Niche And Create Relevant Content

If you create similar content, people will consider you an authority in the subject. It increases trust among your audience. Brands are also more likely to come to you if you create relevant content consistently.

For example, my area of interest and niche is online businesses. And I’ve clearly mentioned the sub-niches on my IG profile.

And if you scroll to the left, you’ll have all the sub-niches I love working on.

So, pick a niche or genre of content and stick with it. Showcase it openly wherever you can. If you try to post too many different kinds of images or videos, people won’t like what they’re seeing and will quickly abandon you for someone else.

Create & Share Content Consistently for Sponsored Posts & Shoutout

Consistency is the key to success. If you want to gain a sizable following of engaging followers, you have to go above and beyond in creating content regularly. Consistent, high-quality content will help get your brand name out there more often and increase follower counts over time.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio, YouTube Channel, And More

One of the most important ways to increase followers, views, and engagement is to optimize your bio across all platforms.

What lessons do you get from the bio of Millionaire Mentor?

Ensure that your bio matches the brand and theme of your content. Put in relevant links back to your website or other social media accounts where possible. Adding a CTA and emojis is also a great idea!

Engage With Your Audience

Do you want to get more followers than you already have? Then you need to add value to the ones you already have.

Engage with your audience. Add content they want to see. And try asking questions or posting polls. This way, you’ll understand what your existing followers are interested in more deeply.

Say No to Fake Followers for Getting a Sponsored Post or Shoutout

Fake Instagram accounts aren’t going to help you in any way. They’ll likely harm your brand in the long run. If followers have doubts about the authenticity of your account, they may be less inclined to engage or follow you.

Brands will also notice fewer engagements by their followers. And they will be less likely to work with you on shoutouts and sponsorships.

Now that you’ll start getting traction on the platforms like Instagram and YouTube, you must start looking for opportunities to make money.

How to Get a Sponsored Post or Shoutout And Make Money

You must start hunting for sponsorship and paid shoutouts now that you have substantial followers. This section will help you learn how!

Wait for People and Brands to Contact You

Brands will contact you if you have followers who engage with your content on Instagram. If your number of followers is high, the brands will be more excited to do business with you.

So wait for them to contact you. But be ready for them always. Create a media kit for your profile. And include the information like

  • Demographics
  • Follower count
  • Engagement
  • Reach

Including this information will help brands understand if you are the right fit for their campaign. And also show that you are serious about marketing partnerships. And when brands reach out to you, negotiate a fee.

Don’t just settle for just about any rate. You can get the idea of how much you should charge with Social Bluebook, Adpresso, and more.

Reach Out to Your Ideal Brands

If brands don’t contact you, reach out to them. But before reaching out, make sure that you have a complete understanding of their brand and what they are looking for.

Once you have the information, reach out to them with a compelling pitch. Make sure that your pitch is short and sweet. But it must include all the necessary information. Let your ideal brands know how you can be of value to them.

Tag Them in Your Posts

Tag your ideal brands in the posts that are relevant for them. Your number of followers or blog traffic is not enough. Brands will come for you when they know that you are the right person for them.

And that you can get them what they are looking for.

There is no sure-fire way to get sponsorship and paid shoutouts. But if your blog or social media page is relevant, people will come knocking on your door wanting their brand’s name all over your posts.

Use Hashtags to Boost Your Reach

Don’t just tag your favorite brands; use their hashtags too. This will help them track you better and understand that you’re a perfect fit for them.

Hashtags on platforms like Instagram or Twitter are important because they help you be found by people interested in what you post.

And that’s the first step to getting sponsorships and paid shoutouts!

Here’s how you can get relevant hashtags for Instagram:

  • Go to H-Supertools Hastags Generator
  • Enter a word or two (about the post or niche)
  • And click on ‘Generate’ button

That’s just it! You’ll have plenty of top hashtags related to your seed keyword.



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